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Saving money in hard financial times

It is even more important for business' to save money and cut expenses during tough times.

There is an answer. If you use Dorn Companies programs we return you two, three, or four dollars for every dollar you spend.

We can prove it, and we guarantee it.

Winner of 2 National Awards

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Avoid Workers Compensation Cases- Preventitive Programs
A National Leader In Workplace Health And Wellness Programs

Studies show that muscular pain is the single largest cost driver for employers. 60% of all healthcare and workers compensation claims are for painful muscular conditions. Increased costs for medication usage, absenteeism, presenteeism, and low morale are all directly tied to myofacial pain.

Dorn Companies innovative early intervention treatment programs quickly, safely, and effectively, relieve employees' pain and in the process reduce health care and workers compensation claims and costs, reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, medication usage, and increase employee morale. We also measure everything we do and give you those results, in dollar terms, so you understand how much money you save using our programs.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Dorn Companies is a national specialty healthcare provider working with government agencies and private business increase their employee's health and productivity.

Dorn Companies Trauma Release Therapy (TRT)™ and PainFree™ Programs are both national award winning programs that provide cost effective alternatives for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Customized Early Intervention Health And Wellness Programs

Our customized health and wellness programs have provided treatment to more than 200,000 public and private sector employees. Our PainFree™ Program is our proprietary, early intervention program, that quickly, safely and effectively, treats employees with painful muscular conditions. When employees feel good, it is good for your business.

Quick, Safe, and Cost-Effective Treatment

We have developed deep-tissue manual therapy techniques to relieve musculoskeletal soft tissue pain and injury. We treat and fix your employees in the early stages of injury before their pain becomes chronic and results in a workers' compensation, health care, or disability claim. In addition, our treatment is usually not OSHA recordable. Finally, we perform all services and programs at your workplace. See what preventative program works best for you and your bottom line.

Your Best Investment -
Healthy Employees

Investing in the health and wellness of your employees is smart business. In conjunction with our customized health and wellness programs, we also offer comprehensive assessments. We have helped other public and private sector employers across the U.S. save tens of millions in employee benefits utilization costs. For example, over a six-year period, Dorn Companies saved the State of Colorado more than $6 million in lost time from work and direct medical costs on workers compensation claims.

Research and Measurement

You can review the positive results and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. We continuously engage in data-driven outcome analysis of: direct and indirect cost savings, employee satisfaction, and returns on investments for all our clients. We use survey tools to constantly measure reductions in: employee lost productivity, prescription medication usage, health plan utilization, disability and workers' compensation claims, and, absenteeism, and presenteeism.
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National Business Group on Health Empaq Institute for Health and Productivity Management University of Michigan- Health Management Research Center Center for Health Information and Research

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