The Dangers of Fatigue in the Workplace

Fatigue threatens worker safety and productivity at all levels. Learn the causes of fatigue and discover how you can fight its costly effects on your workforce.

“Fatigue is a contributing factor in 70% of workplace incidents that result in a fatality.” – Rainene Miller, DORN VP of Operations

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    Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

    Research illustrates that fatigue is one of the most dangerous and expensive afflictions among workers, opening the door to accidents that lead to injuries, fatalities, and high costs for employers.

    Consider these facts about fatigue:

    ● Staying awake for 17 hours is functionally equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.05, and it only takes three more hours to surpass the legal BAC for driving.

    ● Workers who sleep for less than five hours per night are injured at a rate almost double that of employees who sleep for more than five hours per night.

    ● Productivity losses due to fatigue amount to about $2,000 in costs per worker annually.

    A new white paper from DORN Companies examines the root causes of worker fatigue and how it affects both individual workers and their employers. Discover how a proactive, wellness-based fatigue risk management strategy can help save workers from injuries and keep your healthcare and workers’ comp costs low.

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