The Future of Ergonomics, 2022-2025

Today’s safety leaders need solutions that can respond to the challenges of a workforce no matter where they work from. Ergonomics remains a critical element of any successful safety and wellness program.

“A multi-faceted, whole-person ergonomics and wellness program will keep employers in front of issues and help mitigate risk for employees. This proactive process can keep an organization well ahead of injury issues and trends, allowing for the flexibility to adjust programming to meet new threats without sacrificing the base model of the process.” – Keith Osborne, CEAS, CWS, MFT

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    Evolving Ergonomics: The State of Injury Prevention, 2022-2025

    In this new white paper from industry experts and the ergonomics and injury prevention specialists at DORN Companies, we tackle the state of ergonomics today with insight into today’s primary safety challenges, relevant case studies exploring effective cost-reducing solutions, and provider-approved strategies for identifying ergonomic risk factors before they become injuries.

    Inside, we explore:

    • Recent data and new evidence-based projections for ergonomic injury rates and costs
    • Detailed information on ergonomic risk factors across all major industries, identified by expert ergonomists with decades of field experience
    • Guidance on conducting effective ergonomic assessments and selecting the best interventions
    • How mental health relates to ergonomics, injuries, and workplace safety
    • Components of a successful ergonomics program that can be adapted to any workplace

    “A good ergonomics program is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. The employer implements our recommendations, and productivity improves, but so does worker happiness.” – Denise Pontbriand, PTA, CEAS (DORN Senior Ergonomist)

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