Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How does the DORN program work to save employers money?

DORN specialists come on the worksite to do hands-on work with employees who report painful muscles. We can work on employees who have workers’ compensation or healthcare claims for pain. Alternately, many employers use our PainFree™ program as an early intervention / prevention program to prevent claims and medical clinic involvement.

Using DORN, employers’ costs are a fraction of traditional treatment.


How does the DORN program work on-site?

An employee reports that they have pain. They are offered our on-site program. They sign up for an appointment, then one of our specialists comes to the worksite and works on the employee for 30 minutes. The employee is usually sitting in a chair, fully clothed. A few short sessions and 90+ % of employees are significantly improved or completely over their pain, often permanently.


Tell me about the DORN on-site Specialists!

They are people who do hands-on treatment for a living. We screen them, hire the best, and then train them in our proprietary techniques so they are able to resolve most painful conditions.


What are the benefits; in other words, why should an employer use the DORN program?

  1. Your business saves money: Businesses that use DORN’s PainFree™ injury treatment programs realize significant reductions in medical and workers’ compensation claims and costs. We also reduce lost productivity costs associated with the treatment of employee muscular injuries. Our treatment programs have demonstrated millions of dollars a year in savings for our clients.
  2. Your employees benefit: Employees treated see almost immediate results. Employees are quickly relieved of painful conditions that inhibit their ability to perform daily tasks. As your employees’ health improves, morale and productivity improves.
  3. You get program safety: DORN’s treatment uses no medications, no invasive procedures, and no risky manipulation of the bones or joints. Safety, convenience, and hygiene are our concerns.
  4. You have minimal worker downtime: Employees can remain on the company premises while receiving treatment. There is no time-off required for the employee to leave for time-consuming physician or physical therapy appointments. Instead, the employee leaves his/her workstation for about one-half hour for each session.
  5. You get the fullest utilization of employees: Employees treated with the DORN Companies’ PainFree™ Program rarely need light duty, job rotation, or job restrictions, and worker productivity increases immediately.
  6. You can custom tailor the program: DORN Companies will work with your management and employees to configure the program for each participant. We assure you that each employee’s symptoms are specifically addressed with no wasted time on unnecessary procedures.
  7. Ease of administration: The program will be totally administered by DORN Companies’ employees in conjunction with supervisors. Only occasional meetings with management need to be held to discuss the results of the program on employees and the financial benefits for your business.
  8. TREATMENT IS NOT OSHA RECORDABLE. We can significantly reduce your OSHA recordables, your mod factor, and insurance premiums.
  9. EMPLOYEE MORALE IMPROVES. And, since our program gives long term relief from pain, fear of future pain disappears.
  10. EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM DECREASES Our clients average a 59% reduction in absenteeism for the employees treated.
  11. EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY (presenteeism) IMPROVES. DORN’s treatment relieves employees from muscular aches, pains, and discomfort, for optimal performance.
  12. EMPLOYEE MEDICATION USAGE DECREASES. Workers’ compensation and Healthcare costs decrease, on-the-job side effects of the medicine decrease, and normal mood and improved attitude return.