pm Education and Training

DORN Providers teach workers proper stretching, positioning and body mechanics, creating an environment where employees avoid workplace injuries.

Empower Your Employees

Our education programs provide our partners with a new, fresh approach to injury prevention solutions. Using an ergonomic approach to risk management, our training helps prevents injuries on the worksite, decreasing incident rates by controlling risk factors associated with pushing, pulling, stretching and sitting.

DORN Providers come on-site to show your employees how to physically perform properly at work.

We start with a comprehensive organizational review and assessment to identify areas of risk. From there, your employees put injury prevention to work, preventing pain and musculoskeletal issues before they have the chance to start.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

Since using DORN our modification factor and insurance premiums are down significantly.

Risk Manager

Workplace Health & Wellness Solutions

PainFree™ Treatments

Reduce OSHA recordables with pain mitigation and early intervention therapy.

Technology Solutions

Track your employees’ path from pain to wellness.

Total Worker Health®

Employ a holistic approach to treatment that covers pain mitigation, wellness and early intervention therapy and training programs.


Get Education and Training for Your Employees

Talk to a DORN representative and learn how behavior reinforcement can reduce and prevent chronic workplace pain.