pm On-Site Monitoring & Curbside Coaching

Mitigate risks and improve employee’s performance.

On-Site Services Overview

Providing continued education and engagement with employees after formal training has ended, our on-site safety and monitoring reinforce best practices and help foster a healthy work environment. We work on the shop or office floor with your employees to establish a supportive culture while we catch potentially risky behaviors before they evolve into serious health concerns. With this sustained environment of improvement and responsibility in place, employers enjoy renewed productivity and reduced costs from workers’ compensation and health care treatments.

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On-Site Monitoring

On-the- floor observation allows for interaction with employees on a personal level. As the eyes and ears onsite, we present opportunities to mitigate risk and encourage best practices. We suggest having our Specialists sit in on safety meetings to lend their observations to the team, helping to support a healthy culture of responsible wellness within the organization.

Curbside Coaching

The most important factor in a successful employee wellness program is direct communication with the workers at their workstation. Our coaching programs are designed to ensure continued adherence to best practices and a smooth transition from education to execution. By maintaining a presence in the workplace, our certified experts provide guidance and feedback to employees based on their specific needs.

Monthly Reporting

On a monthly basis, we report to management the results of these efforts, such as near misses, observations of risks, and corrective actions taken.



Benefits of On-Site Programs

A healthy and safe workplace requires investment from employers at the highest level, and with a committed management team and continued guidance from ergonomics and wellness professionals, your organization will enjoy a significant return on that investment. In the short term, a healthier workplace means fewer injuries so that your employees can be present and engaged at work. In the long term, it means a reduction in workers’ compensation, health care, and administrative costs, resulting in a 600% return on investment. DORN programs look to Empower organizations and their employees through a series of defined Engagement and Education exercises and solutions to achieve maximum outcomes.