pm Total Worker Health®

What happens when risk management, human resources, environmental health and safety work together?

Healthier employees, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and fewer workers’ compensation and healthcare claims—all by managing workers’ pain across the entire pain continuum.

A Holistic Approach to Workplace Health & Wellness

Total Worker Health® joins departments across companies together to keep employees at work and productive. This holistic approach employs practical musculoskeletal disorder therapy for individuals with fitness, nutrition, safety, stress reduction techniques and ergonomics for all employees—creating a culture of health at your company.

Together, HR and risk management keep employees healthy and discomfort-free today to prevent the musculoskeletal conditions of tomorrow. Our Specialists can help reduce your injury rate, working to offer practical therapy and integrate health and wellness programs throughout the organization.

Helping employees across the entire pain continuum, DORN’s Total Worker Health® approach streamlines treatment and early intervention therapy and programs. We provide insight into how risk managers can unite with HR to meet mutually significant goals and reduce medication usage by an average of 42%. Improved HR-risk manager collaboration leads to better sleep patterns, increased productivity and a major morale boost for your workforce.

*Total Worker Health is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Participation by DORN Companies does not imply endorsement by HHS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Reduced Turnover
Employees that live PainFree™
are more likely to stay on the job
Improved productivity
by 234%
PainFree™ Therapy
90% cost savings compared to traditional
workers’ compensation and healthcare treatment costs.
Early Intervention Therapy
By treating employee discomfort and preventing
soft tissue injuries before they put employees out
of the workplace, we provide up to an 86% cost avoidance.

Building Integrated Programs that Support Mutual Goals

Don’t wait until mild discomfort becomes chronic pain. Prepare your company to tackle employee pain over the long haul while helping to mitigate the musculoskeletal conditions of today.

Workplace Health & Wellness Solutions

PainFree™ Treatments

Provide employees with pain reduction therapy that keeps workers’ compensation and healthcare costs out of the equation.

Education and Training

Establish strong employee habits that keep employees at work and more productive.

Technology Solutions

Track how long it takes to resolve pain disorders and understand the nature of your employees’ pain.


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