Virtual Self-Care Massage Training

It’s time to STOP the high turnover of your dev team

  • 1 in 2 tech workers and developers experience neck and back pain every single day
  • 85% are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome
  • And the tech sector has the highest turnover rate of any business sector—over 27%

Finding great IT professionals and developers is hard. Keeping talented employees is even harder, especially when they’re working through pain. DORN’s personalized virtual wellness solutions relieve pain, boost morale, and improve productivity—all while cutting costs to you.

Perfect for employees working full shifts at a computer, DORN’s Virtual Self-Care Massage Training helps your workforce stay engaged, productive, and pain-free.

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    Why Choose Self-Care Plus?

    • Identify the root causes of pain and discomfort for each person and workspace
    • Learn simple techniques and exercises to alleviate their own pain
    • Improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue, and boost employee satisfaction with their work

    What’s in the program?

    • 4 one-on-one virtual sessions with a certified massage therapist
    • Personalized exercises and soft-tissue therapy techniques
    • Wellness plans tailored to each employee’s specific needs
    • Customized instructions on creating a safe and comfortable work environment

    Who is it for?

    • This program is perfect for your tech staff, software developers, and any office-, home-based, or remote employees experiencing pain or discomfort.
    • Our specialists have worked with over 150,000 employees nationwide to relieve pain, prevent injuries, and improve overall wellness, reducing employer costs and fostering a strong culture of safety and wellness.

    Measurable results for over 20 years:

    • 75% reduction in pain
    • 59% increase in productivity
    • 50% improvement in sleep patterns
    • 96% boost in morale

    Hear From Our Clients

    “I really liked the instructor and the exercises, The exercises were easy to understand over an online session and I could see the results immediately!”

    - Neha

    “I found the virtual session to be educational. It helps reinforce activities I am currently doing and gave some new ideas.”

    – Travis

    “I learned a great deal about the arm and muscle groups located in the arm and back areas. There is definitely a reduction in pain in the left elbow and an absolute increase in range of motion without a stabbing pain.”

    – Sal

    “My physical discomfort is improved and I’m much more aware of how to position my work space.”

    – Erika

    “I enjoyed learning different self-care technics. It helped me to obtain relief. Acceptable ways to sit at my desk and placement of my equipment were very beneficial. I believe this type of appointment is helpful and I would recommend it to my friends and family.”

    – Tina

    “Kate was very tuned into what my problem areas were, she offered answers and techniques to help my every day!”

    – Lisa

    Make sure your team can build your next product pain-free. Schedule your demo with Kathryn.