pm PainFree™ Back Therapy

“After the 3rd treatment I was sleeping better and not waking up 3 or 4 times a night from pain”

- Happy Employee

PainFree™ Back Therapy

Employee back injuries are common, and they often take workers off the job and into the clinic’s office. Our PainFree™ Back Therapy program treats employees who suffer from all levels of back pain. Help your employees recover from occasional discomforts to chronic back pain, whether it’s a small ache that decreases productivity or a debilitating pain that increases absenteeism.

Our sessions last only 30 minutes, and our trained Specialists work within your culture to deliver treatment that improves outcomes without reducing time at work. DORN partners report a 59 percent reduction in absenteeism among treated employees, and workers reduce their medication use by 42 percent.

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Education and Training

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Get PainRelief™ Back Therapy for Your Company

Do your workers often suffer from back pain? Talk to DORN to see how our pain relief Specialists can help your company
realize up to a 90 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and healthcare costs.