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We keep 90% of employees out of the workers’ compensation and healthcare systems. Learn how DORN can help lower business health insurance costs.

DORN's Approach to Workplace Health & Wellness

Workplace Health and WellnessSince 2000, DORN Companies has helped workers stay healthy and employers avoid costly workers’ compensation and healthcare claims. We started as a pain mitigation company, providing practical therapy that works. Over time, we moved into preventing workplace injuries and claims—helping to reduce OSHA recordables and cut medical costs that just keep on climbing.

We continue to evolve and innovate. We’ve added services and technologies in the areas of early intervention to pain mitigation and avoidance. Our approaches reduce on-site work discomfort, address industry injury risks, boost employee productivity and keep aging employees on the job and with your company. We help companies develop healthy work cultures that educate employees on proper body mechanics and wellness.

At DORN, we believe avoiding pain and discomfort as much as possible is better than needing a costly treatment later on.

We provide, at a minimum, a 50 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and healthcare costs using manual therapy for debilitating pain. And our early intervention treatment keeps minor discomforts, aches and pains from growing into musculoskeletal disorders. Combine treatment with individual, group and department education, technology solutions and training and you have a arsenal of tools to keep your organization happy, healthy and PainFree™. DORN has helped over 30,000 employees stay on the job and out of the clinic while reducing employee stress and improving sleep patterns, productivity and overall morale.

Our Story

A Letter from Founder, Dell Dorn

Our Story - Dell DornI started DORN years ago after I developed severe knee pain from running. At the age of 30, I could no longer run. Medications, physical therapy, rest, and prayer: nothing worked, nothing relieved my pain. After thousands of dollars and months of wasted time, I was resigned to being a couch potato.

Then a friend referred me to someone who had “fixed his pain.” My friend had severe shoulder pain and a very restricted range of motion. For years, he also tried doctors, physical therapy, and chiropractic doctors with no improvement. Finally, a doctor told him his only solution was surgery, with possible resulting nerve problems and a decreased range of motion. He committed to the surgery, but first tried one final option: deep, hands-on, manual therapy. This involved slow, deep stretching and muscle manipulation. He stated, “The therapist fixed me in three sessions, and my pain has never returned.”

I immediately contacted this therapist and discovered how truly powerful this type of treatment is. After only a few sessions, I became another success story. I was “fixed” after four sessions and resumed running PainFree. This is how I learned there is a cheaper, faster, easier way to address painful musculoskeletal injuries or soft tissue conditions when nothing else works. And it is quick, safe, and effective. I became a true believer, and then I became a skilled therapist myself.

I went on to train others in techniques I developed to specifically address musculoskeletal pain. I established DORN Companies to work with employees who have pain. Since 2000, our Specialists and Providers have “fixed” thousands of employees with pain and saved employers millions of dollars and countless OSHA recordables.

Today, under the leadership of our CEO and his executive management team, we continue to evolve our offerings to address employee pain. We’re entering the wellness arena along with early intervention education and training. This evolution was brought about by feedback from many of our customers who asked for additional services to complement the PainFreetreatments. In this perfect storm of an aging workforce, stress and musculoskeletal disorders, we’re working to reduce pain, improve sleeping patterns, increase productivity and boost morale.

We are educating individual employees, departments and entire organizations on proper techniques in sitting, standing, pushing, pulling and lifting properly to avoid injuries and sustained discomfort and pain.

DORN today is focused on bringing innovative solutions in therapy, education, ergonomics and technology that will eradicate pain in the workplace and empower people to take control of their own healthcare.


We Empower through Education and Engagement

What Our Partners Are Saying

Prior to treatment I struggled with pain across my shoulders and had trouble concentrating. I don’t have these problems anymore.

- Treated Employee

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