DORN Fatigue Series Part 1: DORN CEO Kevin Lombardo Talks Fatigue Facts

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Written by Kevin Lombardo

Fatigue represents a growing and persistent problem for employers in all industries, diminishing worker productivity and contributing to illness, musculoskeletal injuries, and absenteeism across the workforce. With those factors come significant costs for employers, as workers’ compensation claims and missed work days add up to billions of dollars in overhead each year. In fact, employers typically pay between $1,200 and $3,100 per employee in fatigue-related costs alone each year, making it a $400 billion problem across the United States. 

It’s a problem that can introduce dangerous risk to the workplace regardless of the type of work being performed. Up to 13% of all workplace injuries are directly or indirectly caused by fatigue—it increases the worker’s risk of musculoskeletal and repetitive strain disorders, while also causing mental distractions and reductions in alertness that can lead to serious accidents. The problem is so common that the National Safety Council reports that 90% of companies have experienced the detrimental business and human costs that accompany fatigue at work. Though the effects of fatigue have only recently been fully understood, employers are increasingly recognizing the dangers that low alertness levels can pose to their workers, and are seeking out innovative solutions to keep employees well-rested and effective on the job.

Bringing a wealth of experience in tackling worker safety issues and developing proactive wellness programs, DORN President and CEO Kevin Lombardo has spearheaded successful fatigue management programs for enterprises across the nation, helping management empower workers with enhanced training, on-site therapies, and cutting-edge technology.

In part 1 of the latest webinar from DORN Companies, Kevin discusses the causes and effects of the worker fatigue issue, highlighting the most pressing risk factors for fatigue at work and identifying the solutions being implemented at enterprises across the country.

Check back next month for part two of the DORN fatigue webinar series, featuring a conversation on sleep-related fatigue with Mike Harnett, President at Solaris Fatigue Management.

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