New Injury Prevention Academy Podcast: Wellness and Virtual Safety Solutions

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Written by Kevin Lombardo

The last two years have upended workplaces around the world, and many employers and workers are still feeling the effects. Whether organizations still have employees working remotely or are completely back on-site, the safety game has changed—workers face new stressors in today’s world, and regardless of where they do their jobs, they need safety and wellness support that meets them where they are.

On this week’s new episode of the DORN Injury Prevention Academy Podcast, we sat down to talk with Martha Hagmaier (CCWS, MHFA, CPT, CLC), whose over 25 years of experience in workplace safety and wellness have made her a sought-after thought leader in EHS. Most recently, Martha managed global wellness programming for workers at Electronic Arts (EA), where she helped craft scalable solutions that could be easily adapted to workplaces around the world. 

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Injury prevention and ergonomics have evolved to keep up with the changing nature of work and the workforce, which is more diverse than ever. Today, safety professionals are managing wellness not just for a high percentage of older workers, but also for hybrid employees who work in multiple locations. Across the country, workers in all industries had to learn to contend with remote work and a host of digital applications that changed the way employees interact. Likewise, many were cut off from their usual sources of ergonomic support, training, and pain-relief therapies, which are easier to access when all employees are on-site. In response, EHS leaders have turned to an array of virtual solutions and technology that allow for continuous wellness support and reinforcement of proper technique and body mechanics.

As we move into the post-COVID era and work continues to evolve, safety professionals will need innovative tools to help them keep up with the times. Explore DORN’s ergonomic and injury prevention services and contact us to discover how we can help you cut injury rates, keep costs low, and support a happy, healthy workforce:

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