Treating Common Workplace Injuries with Deep-Tissue Therapy: Podcast

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Written by Kevin Lombardo

Every industry contends with specific injury types, but certain things are common to all fields of work: strains, repetitive motion disorders, sprains, and general pain. Closely associated with musculoskeletal disorders, which account for roughly one-third of all work-related injuries, these common issues impose massive costs on employers across the nation, adding up to some $20 billion in direct costs each year.

And that’s just the number for workers’ comp costs. The true costs of strains and pain may be double or triple that figure, owing to how these injury types diminish productivity at work. Even minor strains or instances of chronic pain can have significant effects on workers, including:

·      Increased risk of fatigue

·      Poor morale and higher risk of workplace conflict

·      Greater risk of accidents

·      Mental health effects such as depression and anxiety

Addressing these problems can be challenging for employers who aren’t equipped with the necessary tools and expertise. While causes of these injury types vary, ergonomics generally lies at the root of the problem. Improper fitting of tools and equipment to individual employees, poor understanding of proper movement techniques and anatomical factors, and bad habits developed over years of work all contribute to rates of strains and chronic pain.

Fortunately, solutions are available, and with help from a certified Injury Prevention Specialist, employers have the power to reduce injury rates and mitigate pain.

That’s the topic of the latest episode of the DORN Injury Prevention Academy Podcast with special guest Cheryl Roy, LMT. Readers who follow DORN on social media may recognize Cheryl from our ongoing Safety Minute series —she’s an active provider at several DORN clients in manufacturing and other fields, focusing her efforts on employers in the Boulder, Colorado area.

With nearly two decades of experience as a deep tissue therapist and movement specialist, Cheryl pairs her work in employer facilities with recruiting new Injury Prevention Specialists for clients around the country. Her eye for ergonomic technique and her expertise in working directly with individual employees and industrial athletes makes Cheryl one of DORN’s most impactful providers, helping client organizations boost productivity and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on workers’ comp costs.

In this episode, we cover:

·      The most common types of strains and factors contributing to chronic pain

·      How recent events have affected injury rates across industries

·      The benefits of pain management solutions such as deep-tissue therapy

·      How to communicate to help employees understand the importance of proper technique

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