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Written by Kevin Lombardo

The ever-evolving field of workplace safety continues to change as new risk factors, employee stressors, technologies and solutions emerge. As we approach the year’s final quarter and safety leaders look ahead to the future, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and take stock of potential improvements going into 2024 and beyond.

For employers hoping to stay on the cutting edge of workplace safety, a few factors rise above the rest when it comes to priorities for providers and executives alike.

  • Eliminating common mistakes: How are your safety professionals conducting critical exercises such as ergonomic assessments and site risk evaluations? Assessments are key for a high-performing safety program, but common mistakes can undermine their effectiveness and make it more difficult to implement improvements.
  • Employee engagement: How are safety leaders interacting with the workers whose jobs are most affected by injury risks and hazards? Without engaging with employees to determine their specific needs and help integrate safety protocols in person, individual fashion, even the best safety programs can fall behind.
  • Tackling root causes: Every safety pro knows the most common injury types—slips, trips, falls, sprains, struck-by injuries—but what are the deeper factors that lead to those issues?
  • Role of technology: Every year, safety tech researchers are creating new and increasingly efficient ways of analyzing risk and improving safety outcomes. But not all technology solutions are built for every workplace and every worker—so how do you identify which solutions are right for your safety needs?
  • A holistic approach: The workplace and the demands of jobs across industries have evolved dramatically in the last five years, and workers are now facing longer hours and more strenuous work than ever. Injury prevention remains important, but a truly effective safety plan includes a diverse mix of solutions including ergonomics, general wellness, technology, mental health solutions, and infectious disease prevention.

Future of EHS Components

In the latest episode of the DORN Companies Injury Prevention Academy Podcast, CEO and President Kevin Lombardo discusses these issues and other pressing matters that will define the next five years in the world of EHS. 

We’re also thrilled to introduce our new podcast host, Cheryl Roy, whom readers may recognize from the informative and entertaining Safety Minute videos she creates for DORN Companies. Cheryl is a licensed massage therapist and currently works as DORN’s National Sales Outreach Manager, bringing more than 20 years of experience as a safety and wellness provider across the Front Range and beyond. In this episode, Cheryl and Kevin dive into:

  • Addressing common mistakes made when conducting ergonomic risk assessments
  • Understanding the root causes of common injury types, such as fatigue and mental health challenges
  • The importance of creating holistic, long-term safety roadmaps that account for today’s problems and tomorrow’s potential risks

Check back soon for more episodes of the DORN Injury Prevention Academy Podcast with Cheryl Roy!

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