pm StretchRevitalization™

“Being able to get my tension worked out and my muscles loosened up has made my job more enjoyable”

- Employee

Keep Your Employees Mobile and Productive

Worker agility is critical to their happiness and productivity. Our StretchRevitalization™ programs ease the pain of muscle discomfort and provide an increased range of motion. This keeps employees at work and happier on the job. It prevents employees from needing medication for their pain later on, and our treatments boost productivity, improve sleep patterns and increase morale.

DORN Specialists come on-site and provide five- to 30-minute sessions to groups, departments and entire organizations. We deliver stretching classes and group sessions, helping employees recover lost agility by addressing poor posture, sitting and standing that is causing employee discomfort. If time is a factor, we have individual workstation programs for your employees.

For DORN, it’s about enabling high performance, improving productivity and reducing employee stress and discomfort, helping companies do more than possible before.

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