pm Health & Wellness Training

Keep your employees healthy and on the job.

Improve Your Employee’s Work Habits

Through our Group, Department and Organization Training programs, we teach proper ways to sit, stand, push, pull and lift. But training programs need regular reinforcement to become a habit, so we go beyond just teaching your employees how to physically move on the job. We immerse ourselves in your company’s culture.

We work with your management team and employees for two to 10 hours a week, depending on your needs, to help ensure an injury-free workplace. After training implementation for a workgroup, department or the entire organization, our Specialists will be on the floor helping your employees and departments that need additional support.

Our Specialists augment your safety and wellness teams through onsite observation, assessment, and training program development. The end result? Decreased workers’ compensation and lower business healthcare costs.

Workplace Health & Wellness Solutions

Technology Solutions

We integrate our technology solutions with your Group, Department and Organization Training. Using Wellness CMS, we provide a monthly report to your management outlining gains, concerns, number of injuries avoided and costs savings that program achieved.

PainFree™ Treatments

Mitigate your employees’ pain and avoid costly claims, reducing OSHA recordables.

Education and Training

Help your workers employ strong habits that will keep them healthy, at work and productive.


Make your company injury and PainFree™ today.