Utilizing On-Site Therapy to Promote a Culture of Workplace Safety – Part 2

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EP. 2

“Utilizing On-Site Therapy to Promote a Culture of Workplace Safety – Part 2”

Welcome to part 2 of the DORN podcast, featuring DORN CEO Kevin Lombardo and Dr. Tony Hall from Instinctive Movement Systems.

Last time, we discussed the growing costs of musculoskeletal disorders and chronic deep tissue pain, and how the true costs of such injuries in the workplace can actually land 5-7 times higher than the initial estimates, once indirect costs have been factored in. This week, we tackle one of the most significant factors in workplace injuries: the culture of the workplace and its management. 

One major benefit of a top-down, holistic approach to worker safety and health is that with a wide-angle view, it’s much easier to address the specific culture of the workplace in question. From their combined decades of experience in the worker safety field, Mr. Lombardo and Dr. Hall demonstrate how attitudes at the management level affect the overall safety of the workplace, and how introducing wellness initiatives can improve the culture of a workplace. With greater education, more hands-on resources available to employees at the job site, and buy-in from the people at the top of the organization, employers can help inspire their workers to take charge of their health and work toward safer outcomes, both on the job and in their personal lives.

In this episode, we ask:

  • What is the role of workplace culture in the prevalence of injuries to employees?
  • What hands-on strategies can be used to combat injuries before they occur?
  • How can manual therapies streamline the injury pipeline and keep workers on the job?

You’ll learn:

  • How on-site therapists can be a vital part of a workplace safety and wellness program
  • How to implement services that generate buy-in at the management level
  • Why organizations keep their injury prevention programs even in tough economic times

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