Avoiding Staggering Healthcare Costs with On-Site Services – Part 1

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EP. 1

“Avoiding Staggering Healthcare Costs with On-Site Services.”

Though we’re all aware of the significance of workers’ compensation costs when it comes to keeping a solid budget, the financial consequences of workplace injuries can be even higher than you might expect. In his almost 20 years of work with helping companies reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other soft tissue injuries, DORN CEO Kevin Lombardo has discovered that the true costs, including direct and indirect expenses following an injury, can grow up to 5-7 times larger than the initial claim alone. Many safety managers don’t realize the full extent of the cost of MSDs—but on-site therapies and ergonomic related services can help.

By connecting managers with innovative on-site strategies and helping to educate workers on the most common sources of injury risk in the workplace, we’ve helped companies fight musculoskeletal disorders and other soft tissue injuries that too often lead to missed work days and costs from workers’ compensation claims. We’ve led the way in introducing services such as on-site coaching on proper bio-mechanics, ergonomic awareness training and PainFree treatments that target and alleviate discomfort in real time.

In the first podcast from DORN Companies, CEO Kevin Lombardo meets with Dr. Anthony Hall of Instinctive Movement to discuss new strategies to combat MSDs in the workplace and alleviate the financial burden of workers’ compensation claims from injuries. Stay tuned for more podcasts from the DORN team.

In this episode, we ask:

  • How can we streamline the treatment process for workers who are injured on the job?
  • What services does DORN provide to combat soft tissue injuries?
  • What are the true costs of injuries in the workplace?
  • Can manual therapy address MSDs and high healthcare costs?

You’ll learn:

  • How on-site services can prevent claims.
  • The best ways to address range of motion and chronic pain to get employees back to work quickly.
  • How work hardening and other tactics help injured workers get back to full pace faster.
  • How biomechanics, stretching, and other early intervention programs reduce the risk of MSD injuries.

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