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Written by Kevin Lombardo

The first quarter saw continued growth for DORN Companies. We added two new customers, held three training sessions and added some new faces to the DORN team who are focused exclusively on delivering world class services to you. Please refer to the organization announcement that was sent to you earlier this month.

We have included some excellent articles this quarter! Enhancing Outcomes of Hands-on Work will walk through how services such as coaching and technique training can address long-term sustainability in creating a much safer and healthier workforce. Rainene Miller, our Clinical Lead and VP of Operations discusses in her article, Communication is Key, how we want your feedback so that our communication is effective; And our industry news section this quarter, How Artificial Intelligence Can Streamline Health Care and Workers’ Comp, discusses the emerging trend of AI and how employers are utilizing it. AI is here, and it will become a bigger component that we all have to embrace and integrate a strategy around.

Last quarter, I mentioned that 2017 was a very good year for us. Based upon the results, this means we significantly helped our clients achieve a PainFree and injury-free workplace. Some of the key statistics we saw while working with over 3,200 employees were:

  • It all starts with the reduction of pain. In 2017, we achieved a 64% pain level reduction moving from 93% of the people experiencing very high levels of pain (5 or more out of 10) when first meeting with the DORN PainFree Specialist, to nearly 80% of them reporting very low levels of pain of 0,1 and 2 within an average of 3.4 sessions.
  • 42% reduction or elimination of pain medication. As much as we hear about medication abuse or dependency, we are glad to be having a small impact on this major issue.
  • Employees report a reduction of 59% in absenteeism.
  • Employees we worked with reported a significant improvement in productivity of around 50%, thus adding to the overall operational results of your business along with 97% reporting a significant improvement in morale which bolds well for their view of you, the employer, and the investment you are making in your team members.
  • Of the people we worked on, 8% stated that were it not for the program, they would have filed a workers’ comp claim and 65% indicated they would have seen a medical doctor for this issue. Even factoring these numbers down by 70%, this has translated into total savings achieved for our clients in 2017 of nearly $6 Million between workers’ comp and healthcare claims avoided. These numbers do not reflect the gains seen due to productivity increases or the reduction in absenteeism.

In 2018, based on Q1 results, we are on track to work with between 4,000 and 5,000 people this year through therapy and will touch another 5,000 or more with our other integrated services of coaching, training, stretching and mobility along with our ergonomic solutions. 

Our objective continues to be, to provide you with the tools and services that will support your efforts in ensuring an injury-free work environment. To that end, look for several new initiatives coming out in the next few months. In June, we will be publishing a White Paper on Fatigue Management. You can get a preview from the blog we published earlier this month. In addition, coming this summer will be Fit for Work Testing that will assist you in determining success of candidates to do the job, should it require significant physical exertion. We are also looking at launching a video training platform and e-learning support for your employees.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have any questions.

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