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Written by Kevin Lombardo

DORN Programs lead to over $7 million in savings for clients.

Happy New Year!

I hope your year is starting out well and that your employees are working pain- and injury-free. In this issue, we would like to share with you some of the outstanding results that came from our partnerships in 2018.

In 2018, DORN continued to experience significant growth in all of our services with both existing and new customers:

  • We signed six new corporate accounts and began working at 11 new sites with both new and existing customers. We are now located in nearly 50 sites around the country with many more under development. We are honored to work with all of you, and we thank you for your trust. This growth has required us to move to new offices and  expand our staff of professionals whose sole focus is making your workplace injury-free. 


  • In 2018, with therapy alone, we worked on over 7,000 areas of concern, which translates into some 4,000-plus employees. This brings the total number of employees we have assisted to over 40,000. I am happy to report that for those customers who have shared their information, over 95% went on to work without filing a claim.
  • Our non-therapy offerings have begun to gain traction. We are now engaging more in coaching and monitoring (C&M), and have introduced biomechanics training with many of our existing customers. This has supported our ability to help our clients reduce overall injury risk by over 50% at sites where we engage directly with workers and managers on the shop floor.

We have two programs aimed at addressing site and employee risk: Basic C&M, which monitors the work environment and reports areas of risk to management, and C&M Premium, which involves working directly with employees on proper biomechanics and conducting mini ergonomic assessments for any worker experiencing job-related pain or discomfort.

  • POET (Post Offer Employment Testing), which creates pre-hire assurance that a worker can complete the physical demands of the job, has become one of our most in-demand services for clients seeking a way to avoid injuries that commonly occur in the first six months of employment.
  • Biomechanics and technique training is now a staple for most new clients, leading to a dramatic shift in how people approach their jobs, and in the longer term, reduce the amount of manual therapy they will need. When integrated with manual therapy, these training programs will lead to increased productivity and employee engagement.Below you can see how our programs work together by leveraging off of each other to bring a total solution for injury prevention.

  • For those clients who have limited ergonomic support, our ERGOLite program is available as an in-depth, non-quantitative review of any task that has caused a work-related incident. This allows management to take appropriate steps to address the issues.

In addition, we now offer wearable ergonomic technology to measure the body’s biometrics and highlight stress points that may not be detected through an observational audit. Also, our ErgoAware training has become popular in helping to train front-line employees on risk awareness, teaching workers how to address simple problems themselves and report major issues that could cause ergonomic injuries. We are currently in the process of training 3,000 of one client’s employees to be proactive and take action to improve their work environment.

This integrated approach to pain management and injury reduction allows for all employees to participate in improving the safety of the workplace and reduce long-term claims, both health and worker’s comp.

The Results

In summary, the more integrated the program, the better the results. In addition to reducing overall risks by over 50% through our monitoring programs, we also achieved the following consolidated results in 2018:

  • Achieving a pain level reduction in excess of 65%, an improvement over the last three years
  • Employees are reporting a 59% improvement in productivity, our most significant increase to date
  • We have also seen high levels of medication reduction (44%), sleep pattern improvement (30+%), and stress reduction. These last two factors play a major role in reducing the potential impact of fatigue, which is a factor in 20-40% of all injuries
  • 97% of employees surveyed report improved morale, and 99% indicate they would utilize other programs offered by their managers – good news for other voluntary safety and wellness programs
  • 36% of employees surveyed state they would have taken additional days off due to their condition, resulting in lower absenteeism and presenteeism

In 2018, some 14% of employees in our programs indicated they would have seen a work comp professional had it not been for our PainFree Treatments. This is a significant increase over previous years, which can be attributed to the continued aging of the workforce, millennials who start work with pre-existing conditions for musculoskeletal disorders, and budget limitations on new capital improvements. In addition, between 50% and 70% of employees would have gone on to see a healthcare professional. Keeping people out of both systems saves millions over time. Even when factoring in a reduction to the employee reported numbers, the results show annual savings of over $7 million, bringing total savings for all our valued clients over the last 20 years above $100 million.

What’s on the horizon for 2019?

In 2019, we will continue to focus first and foremost on complete customer satisfaction. We look to increase engagement  with our clients, delivering additional data and support that will allow you to make informed decisions for your organization on job design and other improvements aimed at reducing injury risks. We will look to further validate your ROI with industry trends and standards. Delivering on this expanded value proposition will require implementation of our new Provider Development Model, which broadens your local provider’s skillset so that you get more out of your investment. Through expertise in service delivery and more results-driven data, we will bring greater overall value for our clients and help improve the lives of workers.

In addition, we are in the process of exploring new technology related to ergonomics and employee engagement that will bring ownership of the safety by your workforce to new levels.

These solutions could include exoskeletal tech, additional wearables, online educational materials, and other support for you and your safety professionals.

On behalf of the entire DORN team, thank you for your continued support and the trust you have given us in allowing us to transform your workplace into a safe and healthy environment for employees.



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About the Author

Kevin Lombardo

CEO & President at DORN Companies
Kevin is Senior Executive and widely recognized thought leader in workers’ compensation and Total Worker Wellness with a focus on workplace injury prevention and on-site innovative therapy solutions.
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About the Author

Kevin Lombardo

CEO & President at DORN Companies
Kevin is Senior Executive and widely recognized thought leader in workers’ compensation and Total Worker Wellness with a focus on workplace injury prevention and on-site innovative therapy solutions.
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