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Written by David Graeff

Technology is a part of our everyday life and it’s advancing at a rapid rate. Here at DORN, it’s our mission to stay current with the best available technology on the market and harness it to enhance our safety management products and services. Let’s take a look at the technologies DORN currently utilizes and then preview the exciting new developments coming in 2020!

2019 Year-End Review:

  • Self-Care: We established a relationship with a cloud-based home exercise company with the goal of offering customized self-care exercises to our customers. Here at DORN, it’s important for us to invest in offsite solutions in addition to our onsite offerings, and this product allows us to create job-specific, customized home exercises. 
  • Desktop/Office Ergonomics: We’ve added a desktop ergonomic solution tool that offers a comprehensive, educational self-assessment with corrective suggestions to office workers. This is an exciting addition to our product line, allowing us to reach workers outside of the industrial environment. 

  • Fatigue Identification: We expanded our fatigue management services with a tool called AlertMeter, which uses a 60-second graphic interface test to gauge employees’ alertness or fatigue levels during a shift. It’s backed by considerable research and provides a data-based response to worker fatigue. 

What’s Coming in 2020:

  • Self-care exercise smartphone app: We’re excited to introduce an app version of our current cloud-based home exercise program. This will make our existing home exercise programs completely mobile-ready and even more accessible for users. 
  • Bio-ergo: 2020 will come with some exciting new acquisitions in the bio-ergo sector. We’ll be introducing wearable technologies that will enhance our current ergonomics program and return-to-work strategies, and will add a new category in our already robust data-driven analysis tools. 
  • Exoskeletons: One of the fastest-growing trends in the industry, exoskeletons are quickly becoming a major part of a company’s safety management program. By decreasing the physical stress demands on the worker, we’re stimulating a decrease in musculoskeletal disorders and overuse injuries, both of which have dramatic effects on workers’ compensation claims. We’re looking forward to introducing these products and savings to our customers in 2020!
  • DORN University: At DORN, we invest in our customers by investing in our providers. DORN University will be an online educational platform unlike any other, allowing us to consistently and efficiently strengthen the already-high-level skillset of our providers. Additionally, this will expand their abilities by providing cross-training in all of DORN’s products and services, bringing more value to our customers. Phase 2 of DORN University will house educational content related to our services, along with a resource library where you can access materials on a variety of topics related to workplace safety, employee wellness, and workers’ compensation management. 

2019 was a year centered around diligent market research and strategical development in the technology arena. In 2020, we’re excited to introduce these technological solutions that further establish DORN as the industry leader in safety management solutions. 

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