Budget Season: Getting ready for 2020!

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Written by Kara Tefft

It’s budget season…are you ready?

Budgeting is always a tough process, but DORN is here to make it a bit easier.

Injuries, fatigue, and lost productivity can impose major costs on you budget. A single catastrophic injury can cost anywhere from $80,000 or more, and these valuable resources should be spent improving your operations and seeking new business—not on the drain of workers’ comp and treatment costs.

The good news?

DORN’s injury prevention services can be tailored for your organization. With virtual sessions available in addition to onsite services such as hands-on pain relief sessions, ergonomic assessments, employee coaching, and technology-based safety tools like wearable devices, we have a solution to fit your safety needs.

Attached, you’ll find a brochure defining DORN’s workplace safety solutions.

Saving Over $100 Million in Workers’ Comp and Injury Costs


Preventing just two or three claims in a year pays for the service—not to mention the improvements in morale and culture that come with investing in the well-being of your workforce. With a 20-year history of reducing injury rates by as much as 60%, you are certain to achieve a significant ROI each and every year.

If you are interested in learning more about DORN’s offerings, please contact me by replying to this email. We look forward to partnering with you to create an injury-free work environment.

Best of luck this budgeting season!

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