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Written by Carolyn Lecciso

One of the largest hurdles onsite programs deal with, especially at the launch of a program, is effectively eliminating no-shows. No-shows are previously scheduled sessions that the participants do not attend, therefore leaving open therapy time on the schedule and incurring costs and lost value to the employer. The impact of recurring no-shows can have the following effects on your program’s success:

  • Financial loss of paying for services not utilized
  • Session treatment momentum disrupted
  • Session treatment time shortened
  • Added administrative time for provider and onsite management
  • Decrease in employee engagement

In order to maintain full schedules and engagement of the program, the following best practices in scheduling, communication, and engagement are recommended.


  • Advance Scheduling – Have employees and supervisors aware of session times prior to day of therapy
  • 4 Week Rotation –Schedule employees for 4 weeks in a row, preferably at the same time each week for  consistency
  • Populated Wait List – Have an active wait list that allows the provider to quickly contact a participant on the wait list in lieu of a no-show


  • Remind employees of session times at morning/weekly meeting and during breaks
  • Schedule to be posted in high traffic areas for employees to view session times
  • Reminder emails and texts to be activated from DORN Wellness CMS system per request


  • Provider demonstrations to be incorporated at monthly meetings with supervisors or team leads
  • Promotional materials to be handed out and posted onsite for questions on the program and session times available
  • Supervisor days/sessions to be added to schedule every quarter to allow full understanding of program and its benefits to the provider

Contact your DORN Account Manager for further suggestions and collaboration on decreasing no-shows onsite.

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