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Workers' Compensation Claims and Cost |
Written by Dell Dorn

By Lynn Whitbeck, DORN Companies


A U.S. Department of Health study has shown that managing musculoskeletal disease, including lost wages, is the largest workers’ compensation expense. An overwhelming 80% of all claims under workers’ compensation are for musculoskeletal sprain/strain injuries. Employers lose 5.9 hours of productivity per week from those suffering from musculoskeletal pain who continue to be on the job (presenteeism). The statistics surrounding musculoskeletal injury make it the primary threat facing employers’ risk programs.

Risk managers and claims professionals should be adding employee wellness to the available arsenal of weapons to combat increasing claims. Effective wellness management programs that align all stakeholders and centralize oversight can reduce workers’ compensation claims by more than 50%, resulting in tremendous cost savings for the employer.

80% of all claims under workers’ compensation are for musculoskeletal sprain/strain injuries.

With more than 80% of all workers’ compensation dollars allocated to musculoskeletal injuries, implementing a strategy specific to these injuries is a fundamental requirement to successfully manage and reduce costs. Evidence-based programs proven to resolve painful joint dysfunction in a timely manner through conservative care will virtually eliminate the need for protracted expensive treatments.

DORN delivers the PainFree™ Treatment Program to employers on-site as an effective treatment and prevention solution for their injured workers. Employers working with DORN immediately experience significant decreases in the duration of claims for their injured workers, and workers are back on the job more quickly, reducing the employers’ exposure to lost time. The DORN program improvements in injury prevention and management result in significant decreases in recurrence of injury, and high employee satisfaction.

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In addition to dramatically reducing time lost for injuries, the DORN program tackles presenteeism with effective workplace solutions that resolve MSD conditions quickly, resulting in more productive, healthier workers. The efficient program methods focus on effective and conservative treatment along with self-care strategies for prevention. The self-care component within the program guarantees a reduction in recurrence of injury and pain.

The data proves that the DORN solution attains excellent results with limited medical system exposure. Employers realize a large decrease in upfront medical costs, along with reductions of claims, lost time, indemnity, medico-legal fees, and expenses associated with a claim. In addition to a guaranteed 30-day ROI, employers retain healthier and more productive workers.

Guaranteed 30-day ROI

The data clearly shows medical costs, indemnity, and disability claims costs rising, negatively impacting employers’ profitability. The recent trends of negotiating discounted provider rates, and lowest reimbursement networks, does nothing to solve the problem of ineffective treatment methods and poor wellness strategies.

DORN slashes employers’ spending, claims, and recordables.

DORN delivers a cost effective, evidence-based program that slashes employers’ spending, claims, and recordables. Conditions of the injured workers are resolved expediently and effectively without aggressive medical intervention, allowing them to return to work faster, armed with a self-care regimen proven to reduce future recurrence of MSD conditions. Employers maintain a healthier, more productive workforce at a significantly reduced cost. Demand the ultimate new weapon to combat increasing workers’ compensation claims and medical costs. Make it a reality with DORN.

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