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Written by Dell Dorn

By Lynn Whitbeck, DORN Companies

Musculoskeletal disorders are the largest, fastest growing, most expensive healthcare cost driver for employers. Research shows that when absenteeism, low productivity, medication costs, and other costs associated with pain are added together, musculoskeletal pain is 4 times more expensive for employers than any other medical condition. According to the OSHA, NIH, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics, painful muscular disorders are 50 to 60% of all occupational illnesses.

Attacking the problem of pain in the workplace, and significantly reducing spending on these injuries, has reached a tipping point for many employers. DORN provides the solution with hands-on, deep muscle therapy on-site for employees who suffer from pain. Our early intervention / prevention treatment program offers employers and employees an alternative to the expensive, time consuming, traditional medical system and workers’ compensation arenas.

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Documented Benefits 0f DORN Program

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  • Prevent workers’ compensation claims and costs
  • Prevent healthcare claims and costs
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce lost productivity
  • Reduce medication usage
  • Reduce OSHA recordables
  • Increase employee morale
  • Increase productivity
  • No light duty or prescription medications used


Research studies clearly show our system and techniques save employers significant healthcare dollars while, at the same time, giving quick, safe, effective, and lasting pain relief to employees. The joint study by Colorado State University and the University of California on the effectiveness of the DORN Program identified musculoskeletal pain as playing a significant role in reducing employees’ productivity. They found that DORN’s early intervention manual therapy significantly reduced costs. CSU Professors found a 292% ROI using the DORN Program.

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292% ROI using the DORN Program

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When evidence-based practices are implemented, all stakeholders benefit. DORN resolves the injured worker’s condition expediently and effectively, returning them to work faster, and arming them with proven tools to reduce future recurrence of their condition. The employer maintains a healthier, more productive workforce at a reduced cost. The DORN result is a happier, healthier workforce and employers who are able to capitalize on improvement to their bottom line.


See the full study done by Colorado State University and the University of California on the effectiveness of the DORN Program for more details. 

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