Diversity, Mental Health and Employee Engagement: Podcast

Written by Kevin Lombardo

In both the United States and around the world, employers and institutions alike are facing increasing pressure to improve diversity and promote inclusive excellence in their workforces and leadership. At the same time, a growing mental health crisis is having profound effects on workers across virtually all industries, from frontline workers in high-exertion industries like construction and transportation to office-based jobs in tech and beyond. Indeed, a recent Gallup poll indicates that 19% of American workers rate their mental health as fair to the poor, and nearly four in 10 adults globally experience depression or anxiety or have a close friend or family member who experiences these challenges. 

There’s no question that a connection exists between these two issues. Employee engagement sits at the intersection of inclusion and mental health; all three topics are highly dependent on organizational culture, which affects not only employee wellness and productivity, but also injury risks, fatigue, and the employer’s overall bottom line. 

On this week’s episode of the DORN Injury Prevention Academy Podcast, we’re thrilled to feature a very special guest: Rachel Petero, Founder and CEO of Rise2025 Global, a global management consultancy whose mission is to transform the lives of indigenous women and their families through coaching strategies that promote diversity in the workplace, advocate for gender equity, and drive entrepreneurship. Employee engagement and community development are cornerstones of Rachel’s work, and her work has granted her a wealth of insight into issues of cultural competency, equity-based leadership strategies, and diversity program development.

In our interview with Rachel Petero on the DORN podcast, we cover:

  • How the roles of diversity, inclusion, and equity have evolved in the modern workplace to promote healthier work environments for employees
  • Strategies that global consulting firms such as Rise2025 Global utilize to address mental health challenges in the workforce, improve overall wellness and prevent common issues such as burnout
  • How leadership at companies and organizations can drive employee engagement in mental health and diversity programs
  • How women in today’s workplaces can empower themselves, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries
  • How employers can stay on the cutting edge of workplace wellness and employee engagement in a changing world

Watch the DORN Injury Prevention Academy Podcast with Rachel Petero on YouTube:

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